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10 exquisite decorations to elevate the look of your pastries.

Learn how to make 10 outstanding decorations and expand your creativity with chocolate.

The course contains chocolate decorations for all levels of experience and the decorations can be used on both bigger cakes or different kinds of pastry.

10 Chocolate Decorations Courses



Bow, Spire, Ribbons, Lattice, Rings, Straws, Feathers, Swirls, Spirals, Plate & Circle

Save 25% vs. Single Decoration Courses

+300 minutes of course material

Unlimited lifetime access

Step-by-step PDF + equipment guide

Bonus: 85 minutes Chocolate Tempering Course

Asha, Home-baker:

 I recently purchased a couple of courses from Louise Lindberg, I really wanted to get beautiful chocolate decorations on my cakes. The courses are wonderful and contain really detailed video's and explanation.

In this way it helps a lot at getting the decorations on point!

I've learned so much and will recommend them to anyone who wants to elevate their cakes too!

Chocolate Ribbons

The classic of all classic chocolate decorations: The chocolate ribbons!

One of the most elegant ways of framing a cake. A go-to for all entremet-lovers.


Chocolate Spire

What more festive than a beautiful chocolate spire! Nothing to spice up a cake more than this one for any celebration occasion that requires a bit of spark.

Chocolate Bow

Looking almost like a real present, a chocolate bow will elevate the look of any cake.

Taking 'the cherry on top' to new heights with its own magical look.


Chocolate Lattice

A lattice on a cake is nothing but outstanding. It brings definition, sharpness and simplicity and elevates the look of any cake who's lucky enough to wear it.

Chocolate Feathers

A unique way of adding extra spark to your pastries. The small feathers adds composition and makes any cake ready to impress.

IMG_6367 kopi2_edited_edited.jpg

Chocolate Spiral

Taking dimensions to the next level, the spiral frames the cake in an elegant way that gives it its own unique look that opens up for creativity and new silhouettes. 

Chocolate Swirls

Swirling around the cakes giving them the most refined look, the swirls are nothing but outstanding. They add definition to pastries in the most elegant way giving a simplistic and clean look.


Chocolate Rings

A classic that elevates the look of any cake. Less is less for this decoration that needs nothing else than the company of a beautiful cake.

Plate & Circle

The circle being sleek and sharp and the plate taking the spotlight on a cake, both decorations are true favourites that will accompany any cake in the most stylish way.

Design uden navn.png

Chocolate Straws

The master of multiplied defintion and precision: The chocolate straws!

They really do add the last final touch, taking any pastries to the next level.

Skærmbillede 2023-11-06 kl. 16.36_edited.jpg

Chocolate Tempering

If you haven't tempered chocolate before, don't worry. Everyone can learn how to temper chocolate. It's all about practice, patience and technique.

I’m going to show you two foolproof methods of chocolate tempering so you always will succeed with chocolate tempering.

Course curriculum:
10 Chocolate Decorations

Section 1:

  • Introduction

  • Equipment overview

  • Chocolate tempering: Introduction

  • Chocolate tempering: The Seeding Method tempering dark, milk and white chocolate

  • Chocolate tempering: The Microwave Method tempering dark, milk and white chocolate

Section 2: How to create

  • Chocolate Ribbons

  • Chocolate Spires

  • Chocolate Bows

  • Chocolate Lattices

  • Chocolate Feathers

  • Chocolate Spirals

  • Chocolate Swirls

  • Chocolate Straws

  • Chocolate Plate & Circle

  • Chocolate Rings

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