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Elevate your pastry techniques, scale your business and take your pastries

to the next level with personalized coaching & consulting. 

Do you struggle with scaling your pastry skills and elevating your pastries? 

Do you have a dream about opening a bakery, making your own recipes,

or perhaps you have a bakery but would like to scale it further? Look no further!

I offer personalized in-person coaching & consulting to help you reach you reach you goals.

As a self-taught pastry chef, recipe developer, business owner & SoMe
content creator, I offer Pastry Consulting within various areas to help you to
reach your goals.


Do you struggle with scaling your pastry skills and elevating your pastries? 

Do you have a dream about opening a bakery, making your own recipes, or perhaps you have a bakery but want to take it to the next level? 

As an international cake artist, business owner & SoMe content creator, I offer personalized Pastry Consulting within various areas to help you to reach your goals.


As a pastry consultant, my mission is to assist my clients in reaching their goals and dreams.

About Me

I am a self-taught cake artist, recipe developer, pastry instructor & pastry consultant. 

I have baked for more than 10 years and created countless pastries, because that is what I love to do.

I share my joy of baking with my +110K community on Instagram by sharing pastry tutorials & guides.

I have worked with home-bakers who want to upscale their skills, aspiring pastry chefs looking to elevate their pastry creations, companies who want to improve their recipes, concept or menu, and pastry chefs looking to accelerate their career.

Worked with: 

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Pastry Consulting & Mentoring

How To Start a

Bakery Business

Monetization on
Social Media as

a Pastry Chef

Recipe Development

Menu Designing

Pastry Mentoring
& Coaching

I will help you scaling your pastry skills, refining your techniques and design exquisite cake looks by guiding you step by step and trouble shoot by baking together.
Every session will be customized to your needs. 

Examples of session topics:

  • Fundamental pastry techniques and ways of working

  • Bake basic French Entremet elements e.g. ganache, cremeux, praliné, mousse

  • Mirror glazing cakes

  • The art of cake design: Create aesthetic and outstanding cake designs

  • Chocolate decorations and how to work with chocolate

  • Learn how to bake specific desserts e.g. entremet cakes, petit fours, tarts ect.


How To Start a
Bakery Business

I will guide you how to realize your dream of starting a bakery business, where to get started and how to monetize. If you already are a business owner, I can help you taking your business to the next level by examining how to maximize your profit and seize unfulfilled opportunities for growth.



Examples of session topics:

  • Defining a pastry brand concept & brand strategy

  • Drivers & barriers of launch/growth of products or services
  • Price setting
  • Revenue streams and profitability
  • Timeline, prioritization & structure 
  • Marketing & Communication


Monetization on Social Media as a Pasty Chef

I will work with you to build your social media presence, create a personal brand with your own unique pastry style and how to monetize on social media as a pastry chef.  

Examples of session topics:

  • Building a social audience: Growth factors, channels, social media strategy

  • Curating a personal brand: Content strategy, building a unique pastry style & flavour signature 
  • Creating compelling content: Equipment, editing tools, style & look
  • How to work with brands: Pitching & outreach, pricing and content creation
  • Additional monetization streams: How to monetize your audience outside social media

Recipe Development

I will provide personalized guidance on how to get started with developing recipes, how to develop a recipe basis index, your unique signature recipe style and how to work with different flavours and textures.

Examples of session topics:

  • Ideation & recipe basis index

  • Flavour composition & textures

  • Development & refinement

  • Creating your own pastry signature flavours

  • Untraditional flavour combinations & recipes


Menu Designing & Optimization

I will help you build a stunning pastry menu that balances a mix of outstanding pastries & flavour combinations to create a curated and profitable selection.

Examples of session topics:

  • Pastry brand concept:
    Your unique signature offering, market & competitor analysis

  • Flavour mix, composition & textures

  • Scope & ingredient availability

  • Pricing & profitability

  • Time management & structure


I wanted to start my own business for a while and I 

started thinking about how to create an Instagram page,
the style and branding of my business. 
I was feeling lost with all the ideas I had and what I wanted to do
which made me reach out to Louise to help me with my challenges.


We started having video calls every week to create a clear plan and strategy for my business. Louise gave me concrete tasks to prepare for each session and we worked on how to organize ideas, set up measurable and realistic objectives, working on priorities, and how
to move to action.


Having the support of Louise cleared up my vision on how to start
my business and take the first step.
I managed to build an Instagram account for my business, a website and I started monetizing selling pastry.


I encourage everyone who want to start a business to contact
Louise for professional consulting.

Yassine Lakhsassi, Canada
Founder of LY Patisserie
Pastry Chef at Cambium Cider Co, Canada

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